1. Art make child more confident
Art education is the best way to develope children’s confidence. Beautiful music and images make people feel conformable and are more easy to interest kids. We would never feel tried while doing something we are interested in, so are the kids. And art works perfect. Just like pinao, you will make progress if insisting playing day by day. Kids will be more happy while they hear the music played by their hands. It is the same with painting, if they keep painting, they will find the colorful world day by day. If the arts teacher good at teaching methods, kids will became more and more interested in what they do and result in more confidence they will feel.
Moreover, it can make kids became more motive by certificates. Don’t over think the cetificates, they play important role in the development of kids’ confidence, which will inspire kids to form good habits and lead them to a sucessfull stage.

2. Form kids’ habit by art
Habits decide success. Success or failure, usually result from people’s habits, some people will go after the aim with all effort, but some others just looking for luck. No matter which kind of person you are, it is pretty hard to change the babit after it is formed.

3. Use art training to make kids challenge theirselves
Enhancing the coummunication skills needs many works. Such as languages, but not enough. In order to make kids have a successfull life, parents need to pay attention to improve their expression skills as well. Most chinese kids are shy while they are talking with others. This is not good. In order to conquer the shyness and be brave enough to express themselves in differennt stages, arts plays vital important role.

4. Use art to sparke kids’ creativity.
We need to encourage kids to be more creative if we want them to be more sucessfull. Don’t only focus on their scores and college. Nothing helps without creativity, no matter what college they are going to. Parents should consider long term for kids.

The arts environment is also very important. Take very simple tips for example, when decorating kids room, get some canvas paintings about flowers, abstract or modern.  There are lots of places you can get inexpensive artworks, like ebay, overstock, amazon or from professional online art stores like www.cheapwallarts.com. It is really affordable and easy way to inspire kids’ interest in arts.